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VHV Statue Presentations

VHV presents statues to US military veterans (starting with WWII, Korea, & and Vietnam) on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month at 8:00 during the PAMVET breakfast at the Golden Corral Restaurant in Loveland, CO.

VHV Fundraising Events

VHV is planning upcoming

fundraising events. We enjoy meeting with US military veterans and their families/supporters at our events.


Please visit us and say hello!

VHV Flag Folding Ceremony

VHV now offers a 13 Flag Folds of the American Flag, Flag Folding Ceremony. 

VHV will offer this to our Northern Colorado Military Veterans that are in Retirement Homes, Senior Independent Living Centers, Assisted Living Centers, or to Military Organizations.  

This by no means is intended or to be mistaken as Military Honors seen at funerals that are performed by a Military Honor Guards. This Ceremony will also be available for other organizations in our community.


To request a Flag Folding Ceremony please contact us at:



Call: 970.481.9640

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