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Soldier Saluting 2.jpg

2023 Individual Presentations

2023 032123 Jim Stanford.jpg

Jim Stanford

Army - Vietnam


Honored Mar. 21, 2023

2022 Individual Presentations

2022 091622 James Tharp.jpg

SFC James Tharp

US Army Vietnam


Honored Sep. 18, 2022

2022 070722 Woody Sowers.jpg

Capt. Woody Sowers

Army Air Corps WWII


062822 Sheri Vasquez Posthumously for David Coyle Army and Navy.jpg

Sheri Vasquez the daughter of David L Coyle Received one of our statues in his honor. David served in both the Army and Navy serving 21yrs retiring as a Chief Petty Officer. Honored June 28th, 2022.

2022 053022 Mr and Mrs Conde for their son Gabe.png

Mr. and Mrs. Conde In honor of their son Gabriel 'Gabe' Conde who gave his life protecting our freedom in Afghanistan in 2018.

2022 050922 Larry Daub Air Force Vietnam 1958-1979.jpg

Larry Daube

Air Force Vietnam


Elaine Hock 

Ensign US Navy WWII


2022 031222 Darren Koretko Yvonne with Bob Lee Cooper Bob Kitchens.jpg

(l-r) Bart Bartholomew, Darren Koretko, Yvonne (Bob's partner). Lee Cooper, and Bob Kitchens

Bob Kitchens is a Navy Veteran 1977-1981

2022 021022 Daniel Victor and Walt Sheahan.png

(l-r) Daniel Sheahan 1959-1965, Beth for Walt Sheahan 1959-1965, and Victor Sheahan 1959-1965.

2021 Individual Presentations

2020 Individual Presentations

2018-2019 Individual Presentations

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